Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Interview with Dr. Nichols:
-From my understanding, you were the creator of at least part of this exhibit?
*Do you know who created it?
-Did you have help and from who?
-What gave you the idea to build something like this on the campus of Limestone College and did you need approval for it?
-How long did it take to put together?
-If any, what are the plans for the exhibit going forward. Will there be anything added on?
• Thank you for your time, Dr. Nichols!

Over the years and in more recent times, tv and movie viewers have been able to see extraordinary graphics as well potential inventions such as flying cars, robots, etc. The Jetsons was a tv series back in the 1960's that was watched in many households. The Jetsons was different in a sense that the show was based on potential future events as a particular family was the focus while they lived through an incredible unrealistic world. Well, actually... not so unrealistic. Did you know, that flying cars is an actual thing? Yes! Flying cars have been invented. Sure, they haven't been distributed because they have yet to be perfected, but they most definitely are out there. Did the Jetsons in fact predict the future? Stay tuned for more. (Talent: Claire)

According to the Jetsons, we are now currently living in the future. Sure, we don't exactly have our own car that soars across the sky or robot that takes care of each and every chore nor do we have the ability to live in an apartment in which reaches the top of the sky with 5 star capabilities. What we do have is technology. Technology has done just about everything for us in years past. We use it everyday and don't even think about it. Smartphones, laptops, video games, smart TV's, smart cars, electric based cars, etc. Technology is improving by the day believe it or not and when you think it wont enhance anymore it does just that. Flying cars have already been developed as predicted by the Jetsons. The release of flying cars has yet to be determined, but they're coming. The future is here and one day we will see robots that roll around completing house chores in a high sky apartment that is unbelievably perfect. When that time comes, don't get stuck living in the past! (Voiceover)

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